5 Thoughts every fitness freak should ignore

By | November 13, 2016

Ever felt intimidated working out with the bigger and stronger guys at the gym? Well, you’re not alone. When I first hit the gym from the hard-hitting exercises to maintaining the right diet etc. it all seemed like a struggle and at times even torturous but if you’re determined to succeed then don’t give up just yet.


Take a few deep breaths and keep out negative thoughts like the ones I have mentioned below.

I am not strong enough

Well truthfully talking, nobody was born strong enough and if you’re going to get there you need to believe you can do it. The problem with negative thoughts is that the more you believe in them or let them take over there’s a chance you’ll be right.

So let go all the doubts and keep in mind that everyone’s been a newbie once. Yes, it’s going to be weird, at times even awkward but only then will you progress and get stronger.

Remember perfection comes only with practice.

Are they staring at me?

Trust me the new guy is never the center of attraction so get over it and that is irrespective of whether you hit the gym or sign up for yoga, Pilates, etc. Every person in there is bad at something and there to learn and grow just like you.

Also paying more attention to people around rather than your workout will only result in incorrect poses or poor form. Focus on yourself, you’re doing it for you.

Cardio is such a time waste

A common misconception among most newbie gym freaks is that cardio is no good as compared to the hard-hitting weight and machine workouts but a good cardio routine combined together with that can be a game changer.

If you’re bored of the normal walking, running or jogging try something new such as rowing or hit the trails. Adventure sports such as kayaking, rock climbing or trekking are good workouts too.


I am never going to get that strong

If you’re not going to believe it you’re never going to achieve it. While half the battle is at the gym the other important half is in the mind. Yes, there are going to be super fit people everywhere but not to bog you down but to act as motivation.

They have spent years in the gym kicking ass so any comparison with them is foolish and unfair. Don’t give up even before you’ve just begun. You’ll never find out what could have been.

Let’s watch some TV while working out

If you were in for the TV my advice would stay home. While music and TV can help concentrate and make it more enjoyable if you’re running or doing light cardio, if you’re in the weight room then it’s best to focus on only the exercise. Make each rep and set count.

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