5 Things I did to make my workouts super fun

By | September 28, 2016

Kicking off with your new workout routine is no doubt tough but even if you do start right there’s always a chance the excitement, motivation etc. fade away midway. As you tend to get stronger and better and your confidence improves you’ll always put the extra effort but what if you plateau? Well instead of giving up just yet here’s what you need to do to make it fun and interesting again.

Switch to a new place

Sometimes all the mind and body needs to refresh is a change of surroundings. The treadmill, the rower, the same weight room etc. can all turn boring after a while but now I am suggesting you switch gyms and pay more.

Rather my suggestion would be to do your runs outside. Hit the trails if needed. Go on a trek or kayaking if you love adventure or simply try Pokémon Go.  You can even do your bodyweight workouts at Local Park with a group of friends.

Try new competitions

Ever heard of an obstacle race? In case you haven’t check out the video below. These races are super fun and trust me you’ll want to keep coming back for more. Over the years these races have become more popular than marathons, trail runs etc.

You can look for such races online and sign up for individual or even team races along with your friends and colleagues to make it more fun and yet have a great workout.


Find a gym buddy

If you’ve been working out alone far too long it does tend to get boring and monotonous. Finding a buddy at the gym or asking any of your close mates with similar goals to come along can certainly provide you a mental boost. A sense of competition develops that forces you to push beyond your limits plus having a helping hand by your side will make it easier to take it up a notch.


Try a new workout

Well if working out outdoors or hitting the trails etc. aren’t your idea of a perfect workout and neither are you looking to switch gyms then you need to freshen things up at your current place itself. I am sure there are plenty of machines or workouts you haven’t yet given a try and switching to these can certainly help.

You can also switch to yoga or Pilates. The point is to keep up the challenge so your body continues to adapt and grow.


Get your mindset right

Have you been going to the gym only because you’ve paid for it? Looking to get your workout done ASAP? Well, the chances are you’re not trying hard enough.  If you really want your money’s worth put your game face on, get your mindset right and nail it.

In case of any trouble getting in touch with your trainer, get your diet right, know the supplements you need and keep up the momentum.

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