5 Things every CrossFitter will find in common

By | October 6, 2016

One of the newest trends that are soon catching up is Cross Fit and while it still has its doubters trust me it works and is also fun. If you haven’t yet tried it or heard of it there’s no doubt you’ll find it a bit annoying and odd but if you’re looking for a change to freshen things up and feel the cross fit is your thing then here are a few thing you’ll want to familiarize with.


Loud Music

Until and unless you’re in a theater or a concert or out partying with friends I am sure even the thought of loud music makes you feel annoyed and irritated but for cross fitters, it’s a lifeline. The loud music helps drown out the sounds of their grunts and gasps and keeps the adrenaline going.

Since you lose yourself to the music you’ll focus less on your tiredness and pain. It will keep you motivated and push you to the limits.


One indispensable thing for any cross fitter is chalk. Yes, that white powdery stuff you loved playing with as kids in high school. When your lifting heavy or doing exercises such as pull ups etc. you need better grip and rubbing a little chalk powder on your hands can do magic.

You can also use gloves too but while they do tend to help grip better the hands get sweaty and uncomfortable especially in the summer months so stick to chalk for now.

A gymnast covers his hands in chalk during a training session before the World Gymnastic Championships at the O2 Arena in London October 10, 2009. REUTERS/ Eddie Keogh (BRITAIN SPORT GYMNASTICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Train like an athlete

Having a mindset of an athlete isn’t exactly easy when you’re not preparing for a marathon or triathlon. Forget about the endorsements and the prize money the athletes bring in. Every time you step through the door you’re an athlete. It’s not even about the races or competitions.

You’re training for a fitter and better future so stick to it.

It’s a community like no other

Some of my near and dear friends are cross fitters. We are a community like no other. I have come across plenty of teams and groups etc. but none compare to the unity and motivation the cross fit team has given me over the years. There’s a sense of camaraderie you’ll revel in. So put aside your doubts and give it go.


Your own skin

At a cross fit gym, you need to not be the most toned person and neither have 6 packs to flash around but what really matters is how well you train and for that having the right gear and clothes is of utmost importance.

Whether you’ve got a tummy or skinny legs don’t be afraid to pull your tee or pants if they start to weigh you down. Be comfortable in your own skin.

 Share with us your cross fit experience and how it has transformed your life in the comments below and inspire others as well.

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