5 Fitness tips to help you achieve your goals faster

By | October 18, 2016

You’ll be surprised as to how powerful your mind can be. Get your head right and you could flourish, get it wrong and you’ll never make it to heights you thought you would and where it all begins is with the goals you set and this exactly why you need to have sensible and realistic goals but that’s not all.

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Accomplishing them is a whole different thing and here are few tips to help you achieve them faster and efficiently.

Do something you want to

If your heart not in it you’re more likely to not put the effort required either so if you’re serious about accomplishing your fitness goals opt for an exercise form you prefer. Whether it is yoga, the gym, dance classes or a trek out with friends, do what you love.

This, in turn, will keep you motivated since it matters to you and brings about the changes your routine, mindset, diet etc. need.

Write down the things you need to change

Like I mentioned above a lot of things will need a change but the problem is we spend too much time worrying about what else we can do but sometimes doing less is exactly what the mind and body need.

So what should you reduce or change? Give it a thought. Is it your diet, sleep or are you pushing yourself too much? Understand your habits and eliminate what’s not needed.

Control what you can

Once you’re done deciding on the goals it’s time to act on it. Keep in mind that not everything is under your control and not everything might go to plan but as long as you can control something focus on it and don’t let go.

Things in your control are your confidence, willpower, and attitude. Get help and get your technique, diet right, and rest as much as you can to recover quickly.

Check results regularly

To know how far you’ve come and whether your exercise routine is having the desired effect or not it’s important to evaluate the results on a regular basis.

In case the results aren’t as you’d expect either you need to break down your long-term goals into smaller, shorter goals or change your workout routine by switching to new workouts, increasing weights, sets or reps etc. Get in touch with your trainer and talk it out with him/her and always track your results using either a fitness app or by simply writing it down. If you have a good rowing machine (if not, concept 2 is our top recommendation) then you can easily track your cardio data.

Maintain the positivity

To give it your 100% you need to stay motivated and that only happens if you’re positive. Let not a bad day at the gym spoil your entire week’s routine.

’ I can and I will’, should be your moto before and after your training.

Yes it’s tough but keep up the optimism from start to the end but no one said it’s impossible.

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