Plan a home gym?Get adjustable dumbbells with these 4 features

By | March 12, 2017

Adjustable dumbbells are the best way to get the much-needed exercise at home as it is both versatile and easy to store and you can use it anywhere and anytime that you want.

Since adjustable dumbbells would determine how efficient your training is going to be, it is important that you are careful when buying one.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Here are the 4 features which you should always look out for when deciding to buy an Adjustable Dumbbell.

Pay attention to the maximum weight

The first thing to determine is the purpose of buying the Adjustable Dumbbell. This would determine what should be the maximum weight of your dumbbell set.

If you are just looking for a casual exercise and something to just improve your workout routine or help you in losing weight, then you don’t need to go for a heavier set, you can just go for a smaller set but if you are looking to build muscle, then you would need to go for a heavier adjustable dumbbell which is made of good quality and is durable.

Easy adjusting mechanism

Another important factor to consider when buying an Adjustable Dumbbell is to make sure that it is easy to use and switch between different weights.

You don’t want a dumbbell which would take a lot of time to be adjusted and would interrupt in your intense training session.

It should be quick and easy to change weights and shouldn’t be made of plastic as they are quicker to break unexpectedly during a training session.

Here’s a quick demo of how it works


Good-quality material

One of the most important things to consider when buying an Adjustable Dumbbell is that it is made of durable material and won’t break anytime soon.

A good quality adjustable dumbbell is important to own because this would determine how long your dumbbells would last and how safe would they be for you.

You don’t want to end up buying a new set of dumbbell every year, so it would be better to invest in a good quality dumbbell in one go.

Stay away from plastic weights as they break down soon and can cause serious harm to your when you are working out, better to go for metal dumbbells as they are durable and safer than other materials.

Dumbbell stand

Another important feature to consider when buying an Adjustable Dumbbell is the Dumbbell stand or rack.

A stand or a rack will make it easier to store your dumbbells when not in use and will make your workout easier and quicker as you can just place your dumbbell on the rack and then pick up another one from the same rack instantly.

It would also save you from a lot of back pain as you won’t need to bend down every time to pick up your dumbbell anymore, it would be lying just in front of you the whole time, making it extremely convenient and useful for you when you are in the middle of a workout.


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